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Post-Rehab & Senior Fitness

Improve as You Age!

Regardless of age, you can improve every year if you have the right attitude, plan, exercise program and Mr. Bill!  His extensive experience and knowledge helps individuals who:

  • have not exercised in years and don't know where to start.

  • need Post-Therapy Rehab.

  • are aging and seeing signs of weakness.

  • are having balance issues.

  • want to feel better as they get older!

Mr. Bill is a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Certified Senior Fitness Specialist. He helps people of all ages (yes, 90+ years old), and he makes them better in months.  He can get you the results you are looking for!

Strength, flexibility, stability, mobility, endurance, balance, core strength and much more can be achieved with Mr. Bill's help.  Give him a call to find out what he can do to help you!

Physical Therapy Session
Post-Rehab & Senior Fitness: Welcome
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