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Personal Training

Options to FIT your needs!

Personal Training: Classes

Private Training


Optimize your fitness results with a private personal training program with Mr. Bill.  Here you will work one-on-one and this will allow all of the focus to be on YOU!

You can purchase 3 to 24 sessions based on your time commitment and budget.  You will get the direction and structure you need!  Sessions can take place at your residence, at Mr. Bill's office or outdoors if you would like!  Make changes now!  Call Mr. Bill.


Small Group Training

2-4 Individuals with common goals

Receive professional instruction with friends or family and get great results!  Mr. Bill can develop a quality exercise workout or program for you and a few friends if you prefer a group atmosphere.  Great for beginners who may be intimidated in a large facility setting.  These workouts can take place at your home, Mr. Bill's office or even outdoors. 

Give Mr. Bill a call today to discuss the options you have and pricing based on how many people will participate.  

Exercising at Home

Large Group/Team Training

Everyone Benefits!

Groups of 5 or more will receive expert instruction based upon group goals.  Mr. Bill has lead groups of 60+ people to a challenging and educational workout and he can help your group/team.  Perhaps you have a work group that would benefit from some team building?  A large family that needs motivation and guidance?  Or, just a bunch of lazy friends who are ready to get serious and need a kick in the pants!  It's time to make a change.

Give Mr. Bill a call to learn how he can help your group become "better".  

Group Running
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