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Mr. Bill Fitness

"I can make you better."

Since 2002  Mr. Bill Fitness has helped guide thousands of people to their health and fitness goals.  Get the experience and expertise you need to help make you "better".  A safe and structured exercise program with accountability gets results!  Work together as a team to create the changes you want. 

Free consultations are available.  Call today.

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How I Help People

Precision Movement and Attention to Detail

Personal Training

Every body is different and all people have different needs and goals.  Personal training allows each individual to get the guidance and direction needed to achieve their goals.  Mr. Bill is a fitness expert who can help anyone from beginner to advanced.  He has  34-years of experience and is a master instructor.  If you are willing to learn, you will make great progress.  

Mr. Bill offers Private, Small-Group and Large Group/Team personal training options.  Find out what is best for you!

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Mr. Bill's Boot Camp

Since 1993 Mr. Bill has been challenging people with his "Mr. Bill's Boot Camp" class.  This outdoor class is held in Crystal River, FL and runs all year long.  Classes are broken into 12-week sessions (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter).  All ability levels are welcomed and will receive expert instruction.  You will be challenged.  You will get dirty, sweaty and sandy.  You will survive and improve!  Come and check it out!

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Special Events & Services

Mr. Bill believes that fitness and wellness activities can also be fun and not always hard work.  Throughout the year he will host a number of events and activities that are either FREE or a small cost.

  • King's Bay Walking Club

  • Shamrock Shuffle 

  • "I Won't Quit" Trail Challenge

  • King's Bay Run Club

  • Fall Foliage Walking Tour

  • Hiking Trips

  • Social Gatherings

  • More Fitness Fun to Come!

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Post-Rehab & Senior Fitness

To optimize change with your training, it is imperative that your program is specific to your needs. Mr. Bill's vast experience and certifications/education has enabled him to help everyone. 

Post-Therapy training will educate clients how to make the transition from therapy training at an office to their home.  Therapy works if you continue it!  Mr. Bill will then help you move into the next phase of your training if you desire to continue improving.  

Senior fitness specific training helps individuals thrive and live as they age and reduce the physical issues many people experience.  Mr. Bill will help guide physically and mentally to maximize your abilities regardless of age.  Be proactive and learn what you can do NOW to become better!

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About Me

Making a Positive Impact

Over the years I have dedicated myself to learning and applying my knowledge to help people live their "BEST LIFE".  Many people have good intention of improving, but they do not possess the knowledge, skill, plan or motivation to get the results they want.  Nothing makes me happier than gaining my clients trust, watching them make progressive changes, and then have them realize they have improved.  Regardless of age or ability, I can make you BETTER if we work together as a team.

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I started working with Mr. Bill after a sports injury to my knee.  Unable to climb a flight of stairs without pain, Mr. Bill guided me along the journey towards strength and stability.  It wasn't easy but I was soon back to running and improving my overall fitness.  Mr. Bill provides the guidance, training and patience necessary to achieve fitness for the mind and body.



I come from a military background and I don't have time to waste when it comes to exercise.  Every since I started taking Mr. Bill's Boot Camp class I knew this man was knowledgeable and fully capable of providing me a very challenging workout.  And, he leads by example!  Mr. Bill has been able to provide a very balanced workout that forces me to work on my weaknesses (cardio and mobility).  Every workout is different and I never know what to expect!  This is the real deal.  Love it.

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I was having a number of issues due to a condition I was born with.  I was slowly losing strength, mobility, endurance and hope for the future.  A friend recommended I contact Mr. Bill because they witnessed him help people and make significant changes.  Well, nearly 2 years later I am at a point where I have not felt this good in MANY years.  There are things I am doing now that bring me great joy and I never would have even attempted them without Mr. Bill's help.  Thank you Mr. Bill for giving me my life back.  My wife appreciates all that you have done also!

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